There is a 20% off sale on all Yamamoto Kotetsuko series on eManga until September 15th! I’ve been meaning to buy Tweeting Love Birds forever, so this was the perfect opportunity. Yamamoto is one of my go-to authors when I want to read something cute, and she rarely lets me down. So if you’re into all the dokis, go grab some of that fluffy BL goodness while it’s still on sale.

Nakamura Asumiko - MÉQUÉ MÉQUÉ 

Ahhh I was so excited when I found out that the english translation of Chicken Club is now available on eManga, and it made me even more excited when I noticed it has a short story about Leo from Copernicus Breath

Yukue Moegi - Parallel Lines

Neruko Sugu - In a heartbeat


Gerard & Jacques

Yoshinaga Fumi - Flower of Life

Yoshinaga Fumi - Flower of Life

This series is probably the most underrated out of all Yoshinaga’s works - even I hadn’t heard of it before this summer. Basically it’s ‘just’ a slice-of-life story about a group of teenagers going to school together, but the way it’s written makes it real and relatable. It’s really rare to stay so true to life and still maintain an upbeat atmosphere, and I admire Yoshinaga for doing that.

I don’t think I can do this work enough justice in this short space, so please read this post by Mangabookshelf, It pretty much says everything I want to say.

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Yoshinaga Fumi - Ooku

Yoshinaga Fumi - Ooku


Has anyone else been following In a Heartbeat?

I can’t say it’s the most mind-blowing manga (it throws more than just a handful of cliches at you) but this melancholic story has managed to tug at my heartstrings and I look forward to the update each week. I wasn’t sure if it’ll actually reach BL stage since everything else on MangaBox is seinen and shounen, I was wondering if it’ll be some NTR thing, but !! the latest developments! Looking forward to how things will progress -I’m sure more angst is coming our way ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Ahh I’m so glad about this rec, I checked the story out and it’s pretty cute. The MangaBox app won’t load on my ipad though, not sure if it’s a regional thing or what’s going on…

Gad Sfortunato by Basso

Gad Sfortunato by Basso


Kangoku 69 by Aniya Yuiji

Yagate ao ni naru (Here Comes The Blues) by est em


Usamaru Furuya - La croisade des innocents